Sunday, December 11, 2011

S3E4 'What Went Wrong' Recap: Oh my, where do we begin!

First of all, this was by far my favorite episode this season. Could it be because Eli wasn't in it? But seriously, so many great things happened.

Case of the week: Loved it, mainly because the actress who portrayed the defendant was great. Once again, we don't really know if she was guilty or not. If she killed her husband, she could have fooled me. Yet, the jury, or most of it anyway, seemed to think she was guilty. I'd love to find out what happens when the case gets retried but I doubt we'll find out.

Alica/Kalinda: Finally, finally, finally! Let the rekindling begin. I thought that blink-it-and-you'll-miss-it moment when Kalinda smiles for a split second when Alicia says "I'll help" was oddly heartwarming. Neither Alica nor Kalinda are gushy or into big gestures, so I think this their way of hugging it out.

Alica/Will/Peter: Is Alicia cursed? It seems like whichever guy she is most cozy with is being investigated. Despite all the laughs and smiles leading up to it, that final scene with the principal of the private school was a reminder that Peter can be a pretty ruthless guy.

Alicia/Diane: I'll admit that I've always wanted Diane to mentor Alicia and I finally got my wish. Will Will (ha!) feel betrayed now that Alicia not only left him but is BFFs with Diane? Power dynamics and alliances are changing.

Alicia/Owen: We love us some Owen and when he appears major changes almost always ensue. Was anyone surprised to hear Alicia say that she really doesn't love Will? I feel a little cheated considering that we were waiting 2+ years for the two of them to get together. Just like in real life, reality fails to live up to the fantasy.

The Cliffhanger aka Wendy: We did NOT see this coming but in hindsight it makes perfect sense. Where will this development take us? Will Alicia and Peter slowly get back together only for Alicia to once again feel betrayed by Peter and his (alleged) misconduct? If Peter's going down is Cary going with him?

So many questions... Can't wait for the rest of the season!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

S3E11 'What Went Wrong' Promo: Kalinda Arrested

This will be the last new episode of 2011! Wonder if Alicia and Kalinda will finally make amends.

Monday, November 21, 2011

S3E10 'Parenting Made Easy' Promo: Child Missing

Grace is missing? OMFG. Remember no TGW next week. We'll have to wait until December 4...

S3E9 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' Recap - Military Time

I have to be honest with you: I'm not a big fan of anything related to the military and this episode was no exception... Also, I'm a bit under the weather so excuse the negativity that permeates the following post.

-I thought the case of the week was unconvincing. I can appreciate a look at sexism in the armed forces or critical look at the consequences of drones but throughout the episode I felt like something was off. I know we're supposed to be left guessing whether she really screwed up or if it was all just a witch hunt but the judge's reaction at the end seemed absurd. Considering the amount of civilian casualties in these endless wars, it seems absurd that a military judge would care about the deaths of some Middle Eastern civilians.

-The B plot about the cheese lobby was also not that great. Cute puns but we all know by now that the government is a slave to corporate interests which I guess was the point of the story. I did enjoy watching Eli getting all depressed about losing a client and Diane having to cheer him up.

-Jackie and Alicia at it again. I almost felt sorry for Jackie but the I remembered: "She's such a bitch." It's also interesting to note how Alicia and Jackie are representative of a big generational divide. Does Jackie really think the kids would be better of with Peter? Doesn't he just work as many hours? If not more? I know he's her son but it's odd that she demonizes Alicia for 'neglecting' the kids when Peter has hardly been a perfect father to them.

-Finally, Diane confronted Will about his relationship with Alicia. I don't think I've ever seen Diane stare someone down like that. She must be really worried about the investigation. How much does she know about Will's past? Also, ouch. When Will hit that pole in frustration, I was expecting his hand to be bruised in the scenes that followed.

The Good Wife is still by far my favorite show on TV but lately it feels like they've been dragging their feet on the Will/Alica storyline. Also, Kalinda needs to do something crazy. At least the next episode looks like it will be quite epic.

Monday, November 14, 2011

S3E8: 'Death Row Trip' Recap

Death Penalty: This episode featured another hot button issue. What if someone raped and killed your child, would they deserve to die? Throughout the episode, Alicia seemed to favor the death penalty until the very end when things with the killer's family got emotional. But then, of course, he revealed his true colors and the moment was ruined to say the least.

Kalinda/Cary: It was cute to see Cary get all jealous when Kalinda started getting cozy with Dana. Kalinda is hard to figure out but when Cary left her hanging in the final scene, it looked like she was fairly upset. Could she actually be in love with him?

Fellating Santa Claus: Ok, this was silly. Even the 'Facebook Generation' would not make a scandal out of a politician's goofy college photos. I mean, he wasn't even facing the camera so how could someone have used it against him?

Won't someone please think of the children: Jackie pretty much ransacked Alicia's apartment in search of used condoms or other proof that Alicia is a horribly neglectful, improper mother. She means well but can't escape the horrible mother-in-law stereotype. It's just a matter of time before Alicia has to put her back in her place...

Overall, this episode felt a bit rushed. Having Eli around kind of ruins the balance of the show because it means that they have to either cut back on Will/Alicia or Kalinda time (or Eli time which is what they did last week). When they try to do it all like with this episode 40 minutes of airtime just aren't enough.

S3E9 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' Promo

Looks like Will will be getting some unsolicited advice from Diane...

The Good Wife Ratings Update: Flat Despite Move to Sunday

Even though we can smugly say that The Good Wife is one of the most highly acclaimed TV shows on the air right now, we all know that our show has not been setting record ratings and has been in danger of cancellation pretty much since the second half of the first season.

As we mentioned here and here, ratings are just too low compared to the usual CBS fare (CSI: Lunar Eclipse or whatever). Many of us hoped that a move away from the lower-rated 10pm time slot could help the show but unfortunately it hasn't. Ratings so far this season are virtually identical with those of last spring. The editors at, who are pretty much the overlords of TV ratings predictions, predict the following: 

The Good Wife  :| :| :| 0.63

As you can see the those 3 faces aren't too happy and TGW has ratings 40% below CBS' average. A different chart that uses a slightly different approach lists the show as "likely renewal." Why the difference? Well, when a show completes four season it can be syndicated which means lots of money, so a show isn't likely to be canceled after 3 seasons. But, of course it could still happen.

In my opinion, barring an unexpected drop in ratings in the spring, we'll get a 4th season (2012-2013) but don't expect a 5th season unless ratings pick up significantly.